Bigger is Better – Mahagun Mall Puts All Doubts to Rest

However, India has become an economic powerhouse, we debate if bigger is better. Well, stop debating, start experiencing by visiting Mahagun Mall in Greater Noida. Mahagun Mall answers all your questions if bigger is better by offering unimaginably mammoth hypermarket area spread across 34000 sq.ft. It is also houses 16 screen superplexes with over 2900 seats for all Sahrukh Khan and Salaman Khan fans. Never worry about the food at Mahagun Mall as 22000 sq.ft. The wide food court will make your mouth watery each minute. Wish to play the games or enjoy some fun rides? The double height entertainment center of 45,000 sq.ft. has everything that makes your day the most worthy in a long time. For more visit- Builders in Noida